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Last week was a blur.

My sweet friend Operina and her Operinino, Anthony (Diva's friend on the heart transplant list) had to be transported to Dallas in the middle of the night this past week via ambulance.  He had contracted an infection and doctors are baffled at his condition.

With Kathleen gone, that meant that her husband, Ray, was having to play the part of both parents, which is hard under normal circumstances but their circumstances are never normal.

To add to the abnormality of this particular week, it was our High School's Homecoming and their eldest daughter was chosen as Band Duchess.  This was her last Homecoming since she's a Senior and it was the first one for their Freshman daughter.

Poor Ray had no idea what Homecoming entailed:  the mums, the dresses, the shoes, the hair, the make-up, and the coordination of it all.  That's where my precious, precious brunch ladies, Momma, & Sister-in-law stepped in and made a little magic happen.

I thought my Sister-in-law did a fantastic
job on these mums.
In four days, everything had been taken care of, not just for the girls' sake, but for our friend, their sweet mother.  Kathleen wanted to be with her girls but needed to be with her son.  Just one of many, and unfortunately normal, difficult moments for the Herman family.

It was an absolute pleasure to jump in and help out.  It blessed my soul to watch these women whom I hold in such high esteem, work so hard and scramble behind the scenes to give the girls a wonderful experience and to put our dear friend's mind at ease.

What was even more amazing, is the help that came from complete strangers who found out what we were trying to accomplish and volunteered their time or services.

No matter what happens in the world that makes it look like doom and gloom, I maintain that people are basically good and genuinely want to help.  Kathleen and I often text the phrase, "I love people!" when something wonderful and unexpected happens.  This week, that phrase was texted a time or two.  :)

We hope Kathleen was happy.
We hope the girls were happy.
We know Ray was relieved.

When you have a moment, please spare a thought and a prayer for this sweet family.  You can read Kathleen's posts about the situation and follow along on their transplant journey.

Now, on to the menu for the week:

Sunday - Diva's youth group made the parents supper  :)
Monday - Purple Hull Peas, Greens, Corn on the Cob, & Cornbread
Tuesday - Stir Fry over Rice
Wednesday - Ham & Pasta Bake w/Salad
Thursday - Beef & Mushrooms over Noodles
Friday - Date Night
Saturday - Backyard Party

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.


  1. I loved this beautiful story of family and friends and helping. When you believe, as I do, that the reason we are here is to help each means a lot to hear about it in action. :)

    Love, Joy

    1. Yes ma'am, how sad life would be if we only looked inward and never outward to help someone else. Thanks for stopping by!


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