September Brunch

I love my Ladies Wot Brunch! 
Healthy Mom claims we have a ladies ministry going on and calls it the "spirit of brunch." 
My sweet friends pour out all of the time - they are educators, wives, professionals, moms, philanthropists, activists, artists, and integral parts of their churches and our community.  It is my absolute privilege to be able to restore them some - to give them a place of peace and relaxation and of course lots of coffee and cheesecake.

We went with a local theme and here was our menu:

Southern Pecan Coffee (probably my favorite flavor of all time)
Scrambled Eggs
Chile Cheese Grits
Wild Hog Sausage
Biscuits w/Homemade:  Butter, Pear Honey, Pear Butter, and Mayhaw Jelly
Pickled Peaches
Fruit Salad w/ Homemade Yogurt Dressing
Applause Cheesecake 

The chiles were from my garden, the sausage was from a local guy who butchers and smokes his own, the butter, yogurt, and pear butter I made from local ingredients, and the mayhaw jelly, pickled peaches, and pear honey were made by friends from local ingredients.