Menu Ideas from the Brookshire's Ad

A meal plan is a great way to save money and not waste food.

I want to show you that as long as you are intentional in your shopping and cooking, you will save money on your grocery bill regardless if you use coupons or not.

Generally, the cost of the whole meal will be less than or equal to the tip you would leave at a restaurant.

These ideas are taken directly from the Brookshire's circulars and using Brookshire's Match-ups.

I love those Buy 1 Get 1 for $.01 ads since you can make tons of food and put plenty in your freezer too.

This week you could make:

  • Steak, Wedge Salad, & Baked Sweet Potatoes 
  • Philly Cheesesteak, Chips, & Grapes 
  • Spice Rubbed Ribs, Sauteed Apples, & Sweet Potato Fries 
  • Oven Fried Chicken (using crushed potato chips as a coating), Tater Tots, & Plums 
  • Chicken Parmesan Strips (using Foster Farms), Pasta, & Salad 
  • Beef Tips, Rice, Green Beans, Rolls, & Brownies 
  • Sausage Sandwiches, Hashbrowns, & Strawberries 
  • Breakfast Casserole, Home Fries, Apple Slices 
  • Sausage Tortellini & Roasted Grape Salad 
  • Fish Sticks, Peas, & Crinkle Cut Fries 
  • Chicken Pot Pie, Potato Skins, & Mixed Vegetables 
  • Pizza, Salad, & Baked Apples
  • Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Chips, & Broccoli
  • Butterfly Shrimp, Corn, & Mixed Vegetables 
  • Chicken Stir Fry over Rice
Grocery List:

2 x 2lbs. Boneless Top Sirloin Steak
2 x Iceberg Lettuce
2 x Ken's Steakhouse Dressings
4 x Sweet Potatoes
2 x Colored Bell Peppers
2 lbs. White Grapes
2 lbs. Red Grapes
Bakery Sourdough Bread
2 x Ruffles Potato Chips
2 x Miceli's Fresh Mozzarella
2 x 1lb. Hormel Country Style Pork Ribs
2 x 3lb. bags of Red Delicious Apples
3 x Ore-Ida  Frozen Potatoes (1 sweet potato fry, 1 tater tot, & 1 crinkle cut fry)
2 x Food Club Seasonings
2 x Duke's Mayo
2 x Tyson Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts
1 lb. Plums
The Real Big Deal
2 x Ragu
2 x Pasta Prima Pasta (1 Tortelinni & 1 Fettuccine)
2 x Nature's Own Wheat Bread
2 x Jimmy Dean Sausage
2 x Simply Potatoes (1 Home Fries & 1 Hashbrowns)
Food Club Shredded Cheddar
Food Club Eggs
2 x Hillshire Farms Sausage
2 x Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks
2 x Libby's Canned Vegetables (1 corn & 1 peas)
4 x Banquet Pot Pies
2 x TGIFridays Snacks (1 potato skin & 1 mozzarella stick)
2 x Green Giant Steamers (1 mixed vegetables & 1 broccoli)
2 x Fresh Express Shreds
2 x Foster Farms Chicken (1 strips & 1 nuggets)
2 x Bird's Eye Frozen Vegetables California Mixed Vegetables
2 x Rice-a-Roni (fried rice variety)
Kikkoman Soy Sauce

That's 15 meals for $153.36 or $10.22 per meal!
You'll also have smoked sausage, fish sticks, pizza, chicken nuggets, and butterfly shrimp in your freezer for later!