Madly In Love

Engineer and I don't butt heads all that often.

But we were in a stand off this time.

I needed vinegar and jelly jars to finish up my canning efforts but was in a muumuu and didn't want to change to go to the store.

I said it.  
A muumuu.  
I was wearing a muumuu.  
Let's not get sidetracked from the real issue here.

Engineer hates going to the grocery store but was going to be out anyway getting ice and I had asked him to swing by and grab the aforementioned vinegar and jars.

He was refusing saying I should go.
Doesn't he know by now that I hate driving?!

We had locked horns and neither of us were backing down.
So we did what any other abnormal couple would do...we had a dance off!

Right there in front of God and our across the street neighbors, Engineer and I threw it down on the dance floor.

1-4-3 EM because with you, my heart's on the dance floor.

P.S.  I won.  ;)


  1. My next argument might just have to be a dance off! Especially if I get asked to do something that is easier if the hubs just did it himself.

    1. It truly is the best way to solve a disagreement. Maybe our world leaders should give it a try?... ;)


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