Madly in Love Monday

I am so incredibly in love with Engineer today because he drives me around.
I love the idea of staff.  Engineer hears me say it all the time, that I need staff.  Wouldn't that be fabulous?!  If I had lots of disposable income, I wouldn't hire a maid, or a nanny, or a chef, no, not me, I would hire a chauffeur. 

Oh yeah...driving Ms. Pary...loving it!!!

I do really hate to drive; it is a necessity not a pleasure.  In fact, it puts me to sleep on long trips - even if I'm the one driving (yikes!) and short trips just irritate me. 
(F.y.i., if anyone is passing out super powers, I would like teleportation please.  Thanks.)

That's why I so appreciate that Engineer will drive me around when he is home.  Sure, he would prefer that I stay awake on long trips.  Of course he would like for me to at least wait until I am out of our driveway before I fall asleep but he carries on a drives like a trooper.  Never do I have to drive while he's in the vehicle. 

I am so thankful that Engineer is my chauffeur although I don't think that he can be considered staff.

1-4-3 EM!