Madly In Love

Engineer is the time lord of our house - the watcher of clocks and keeper of appointments.

I am the saboteur opposite.  I view time like I do recipes, as suggestions rather than rules.

That is not to say that I feel appointments are unnecessary; I may underestimate how much time it will take me to get somewhere or do something or rather overestimate my abilities to accomplish said tasks in the allotted time frame.

As the realistic spouse, Engineer often has to reign in the crazy my time liquidity issues as was the case on Easter.

In an effort to clean up the house and have everything company ready for our family on Sunday, I started cleaning the house Friday since I knew we would be in Dallas all day Saturday to see "Mary Poppins."

But then I got distracted by the last remaining laundry basket o' stuff from the epic January de-clutter-ama and felt like Good Friday was going to be Good Riddance Friday.  And, it was!  :)

Plus I needed to get Engineer's spring clothes down from the attic to find a tie that coordinated with our Easter dresses.  Don't judge.  Which meant getting ALL of the clothes down from the attic since we didn't know which box housed Engineer's clothes.  It also meant there was a massive clothes mountain range in our bedroom comprised of either winter clothes that needed to be put away or spring clothes that needed to be hung up.

It was a totally productive day in the sense that there were no more laundry baskets of papers that need to be dealt with nor were we wondering what clothes were where.

But by the end of the day Friday (a.k.a. the beginning of Date Night) I found myself with a much bigger mess than I had started with and an anxious time conscious husband.

Saturday was fun, but a total write-off.

At 6:30am Sunday morning panic ensued.

I hadn't cooked anything, the dogs weren't washed, the house wasn't clean, and the weather threatened a power-outtage at any moment.
Maybe that was why Engineer started getting the twitchy eye.

He wasn't sure that we would make it on time to church, or have everything ready to go by lunch, or that there would be lunch at all since I was cooking the main dish and side, but we did.
By the skin of our teeth we did.  

I am so thankful for Engineer, his constant cracking of the whip, and his hard-line approach to time for without it, we may have had more of an Easter Supper than an Easter Lunch.

1-4-3 EM!


  1. My partner and I are both TERRIBLE at time keeping. I am always ridiculously early with things, and he is always ridiculously late! We never seem to be able to meet in the middle, and as such it creates chaos! Luckily, we never have visitors, so we don't have to go through situations like this. ;)

    1. Engineer likes to be early and I tend to be somewhere in the vicinity of the right time but generally not early.


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