Perfectly Practical #151- Oven Canning

I buy in bulk once a month from Azure Standard.

I get fresh produce as well as dry goods from them and that's wonderful except when I have a 50lb. sack of oats taking up three spaces at my dining room table.

The easiest way for me to store mass quantities of dry goods is in jars.  (And you know how much I love my jars, I even wrote a poem about them.)

I first heard of oven canning from a Mormon friend, but didn't get the instructions on how to do it.

After a little searching, I came across this oven canning post on Pinterest and now it is my favorite way to can.

  • It doesn't matter how many jars you put in the oven.  
  • It doesn't matter what size your jars are.
  • It DOES matter what is in your jars - only dry goods please
  • You don't have to use new lids
  • You don't have to use proper canning jars
I can find way more available spots for jars than for 50lb. sacks.  Shocking, I know.

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.


  1. Plus the jars look so much cuter than a big ol' bag!
    I'm a Mormon, my mom used to can and jar... I do not! Missed that gene... I'm amazed by others who do, though... maybe someday!

    1. So true! :) Canning is the easy part, it's the organization and finding the storage space that's the difficult part.


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