Perfectly Practical #52 - Ode to Glass Jars

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
Your lid can reach, even though you're out of sight in my fridge
For the ends of leftovers.
I love thee to the level of homemade stock
That is safe to freeze without explosion.
I love thee freely, as we strive for snack.
I love thee purely, as thou art see-through and shalt not taint us with BPA.
I love thee with the passion put to use
By immersing thee in a water bath, to secure my produce.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
When my beans were eaten by weevils. I love thee with the jams,
Pickles, chutneys, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after a coupon.

(I hope good ol' Lizzie Browning isn't turning in her grave at my adaptation of her poem.)

Here is the deal:  I love glass jars.  Period.
1.  They are free storage containers - you buy products in jars all the time, just wash 'em and use 'em for storing leftovers, dried beans, soup, paper clips, pocket change, your child's tiny Playmobil parts that you step on with bare feet, whatever needs safekeeping 
2.  You can see what you've stored
3.  No worries about chemicals being leached into your food
4.  You can actually bake cupcakes in jars (genius!) or do it like this for transporting them easily
5.  They look purty (I often pick up old wire topped canning jars from estate sales)
6.  They are great for sharing stuff - my friends know that if they save me jars, they will be refilled
7.  Ashtray outside - when we have smokers over, we hand them a jar to use with a little water in it
8.  Easy to label and relabel jars
9.  Bug catcher - for more up close and personal time with those of the insect persuasion
10.  Iced tea glass (if you are so inclined)  :)
11.  Shaker - they are wonderful for mixing salad dressings or protein shakes
12.  Science project - use it to make a terrarium
13.  You can freeze stuff in them - leave some expansion room if putting liquid in the freezer
I wouldn't suggest putting the cat in a jar though. 
Any other great uses for jars?


  1. Jars are great for tracking rewards. When the jar is full they get such and such reward.

    Or just a visual of the potential reward. We've done jelly beans with some of our younger kids before. On Sunday evening they would each get 21 in a small jar. Every time they said a cuss word or were otherwise rude (foster kids-different world) they'd lose one. I would take my time laboring over which color I would like best for my tummy. Sunday after lunch they got to eat any that were left, and they'd be refilled after dinner. Was very effective.

  2. Never even thought about that. That's a good one...except maybe in place of jelly beans you could have mini nutter butters, or diamonds, or something like that. Those are some good incentives - I would pretty much do anything for either one. ;)


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