30 Day Giving Challenge Recap

30-Day Giving Challenge

Every year that I have participated in the 30 Day Giving Challenge it has been just that, a challenge.

All year long when I come across something that would be appropriate to write about during the challenge, I list it on a running draft blog post.  My intentions are to write about frugal ways to give, or small ways to give, or specific places to give, but my intentions don't ever seem to be His intentions.

The magnitude and depth of what I feel as I write each post cannot possibly be conveyed.  This year, as every other year, I truly felt that I was going to write with a certain direction in mind.  It's amazing how opening yourself up leaves you to be filled with His purpose.

I did not start out this November to be an advocate for organ, blood, breast milk, or hair donation.  I had very little experience with and gave very little thought to any of those.  Yet, here I am at the end of November more knowledgeable, more thoughtful, and with less hair.  

None of my actions were for my benefit and none were flippant decisions.  As I volunteered for (or attempted to) or wrote about these donations, I prayed for their recipients.  

Organ Donation - As easy as it is to dismiss what happens to my body after my soul has gone to be with its Maker, making the decision to allow my organs to be passed on to someone who needs them is difficult and morbid.  No one likes to think about their own death and that's when I thought about those recipients who are faced with their mortality day after day.  It makes that decision to be an organ donor a lot easier.

Blood Donation -  Nowhere does it say that giving is easy or comfortable.  I don't like needles and I  get woozy at the mention of bodily fluids but heaven forbid one day, I may need blood for some reason and I will be so thankful to all those strangers who got over their fears and whose donation saved my life.

Milk Donation - I only wished this would have been an option for me when Diva was a baby.  It could have saved me a lot of anxiety and woe. 

Hair Donation - This was by far the most dreaded for me.  But to think of those little children with no hair whose bodies are working against them and how happy, how normal they could feel with my hair, I had to go through with it.  

I hope you had an impactful 30 Days of Giving.  I certainly did.