Turkey Time - A Costume Review

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review a costume from the good folks at Costume Super Center.

Remember the fabulous Renaissance costume from last time?  This time, we went in a completely different direction.

In fact, in a more Pilgrims and Indians direction than the normal princesses and goblins one.  But then again, when did we ever say that we were normal?  This is the same household who dresses as "Night" and "Florence Nightingale" for Halloween.

And no, we did not choose a costume that would represent the solemnity and dignity of Thanksgiving as portrayed in the lovely gallery of North American Paintings from the Smithsonian (a great resource by the way for those wanting images or to know more about the history of Thanksgiving.)

Instead, we chose this one:

No, that is not Engineer.

Diva had said earlier that she would like to be a "Firebird" this year for Halloween.  No, not like the car, like the ballet.  She decided after seeing this costume that she could wear it as is for a party, then could doctor it up for Halloween and turn this ugly duckling into a swan, or rather this turkey into a firebird.  Ummm, okay...

We received the costume lightening fast and it was just as described.  Don't you just love when a product is just as described?

Of course, I had Diva try it on immediately...which had nothing to do with my own pleasure of the hilarity of seeing my daughter with a giant turkey waddle on her head and had everything to do with the integrity of this review.  You're welcome.

For the sake of transparency, I will tell you that as I was hoisting up the clear plastic strap that was to hold up one side of the tail, it snapped in my hand.  That was a little disappointing, not a deal breaker, but disappointing.

I felt like it was a decently made costume (other than the strap) and for about $36, I feel like it is worth it.  I mean c'mon, you get a costume twofer - Halloween and Thanksgiving!


  • Is as described
  • Material thin enough to put another layer underneath
  • One-size fits most
  • Material is fleece so could get hot
  • Clear plastic straps need reinforcement
  • One size fits most

The three of us were invited to a costume party where there will be prizes for the most creative costumes.  Diva and I decided that if Daddy went as the turkey, I could go as a duck, and she could go as a chicken.  Together, we would be The Mighty Turducken!

Oh yeah.  I think that award for most creative costume is in the bag.

I was sent a costume to review.  All opinions and weird costume choices are my own.