Madly in Love Monday

I am madly in love with my Diva.  She is definitely one of a kind.  Diva has the most amazing imagination which is awesome to experience but not so awesome to try to costume for Halloween.

For instance, last year for the various Halloween parties she went to, she wanted to be Florence Nightingale for one and an opera singer for the other.


This year we stepped it up a notch.  She came in one day and stated that she knew what she wanted to be for Halloween this year (dramatic pause then with a sweeping arm gesture as if reading the word in the sky)...night.

"A knight?"  I asked.

"No.  Night." she said with utter conviction.

Side note:  do you know how difficult it is to costume someone in abstract form?  You know that I break out in hives thinking about crafts and the fact the she doesn't want to be a Disney princess makes it difficult for me not to have to fashion something up...argh!

We went to a party over the weekend and we had dressed her up in my black turtleneck and a sparkly black skirt so she was covered head to toe in darkness.  We thought maybe her head would be the moon.  Then Engineer suggested that she had a belt - Orion's Belt.  Brilliant!!!  I grabbed a silver belt out of my closet and girded her with it.  Then I thought she should have a ladle for her Big Dipper.

Next, she was a pirate....oh...excuse me, a pi-rette for our the downtown Fall Festival.  Donning a lacy floor length black skirt, a scarf over her head, eye patch, and a shawl around her waist, Diva made a pretty cute little pi-rette.

For actual Halloween she wanted to dress as Robinson Crusoe in girl form - for my sanity, a line had to be drawn somewhere.  We compromised on dressing up as Momma in the morning pre-coffee. 

So there you have it folks.  I am madly in love with our uber-creative child and all her silly costume ideas.

1-4-3 DM!