Glade Expressions

I like home fragrances.  

Mainly because there is always something fermenting (on purpose of course) on my counter and/or I've been cooking with pungent spices and need to have a little help in the not-so-smelly department.  Or it could be because I have dogs that unless they are straight from the shower, smell like, well, dogs.

However, I don't like heavy perfume-y scents that tend to layer themselves on top of the smells in my home.

Enter Glade Expressions.  The scents are light and lingering.  I love the pineapple-mangosteen variety, it's fruity and tropical - neither of which I tend to go for in a smell but this one smells so yummy!

The cool thing about these products is that Glade put some thought into their design.  The white covers are nondescript and can just blend in to the decor.  Both types are refillable as well.

Some friends came over the other day and mentioned what a nice waft of fragrance they got as they walked through my front door.   They hadn't noticed the little decorative stand on the table near the front door.  I explained what they smelled was a Glade Expressions oil diffuser in pineapple and mangosteen.

The oil diffuser is my favorite of the two air fresheners (mainly because it does its job without any help from me.)  I was sent coupons from BzzAgent to be able to sample both products but the oil diffuser was the harder of the two to find in town.  I went to four stores before I found it.  I told my friends that they could find the spray though most everywhere home fragrances are sold.

We talked about how nice it was to have unassuming home fragrances that blended into the decor instead of competed with it.

There have been some really great deals lately involving these products.  Have you tried them yet?  If so, I would love to hear what you think.

Thanks BzzAgent for sending me the sample so that I could try them for myself.  All opinons are my own.