Madly in Love

My Engineer never knows what's growing or fermenting on the kitchen counter only to be expected to consume it days later. 

There are days when the man comes home to find the crock pot wrapped in a bath towel growing yogurt cultures, a Ziploc bag full of Amish friendship bread starter bubbling away, bowls of oats being soaked in buttermilk all on the kitchen counter.  Someone described my kitchen as a continual science experiment.  I will neither confirm nor deny that claim at this time.

A while ago he came home to find that I had lacto-fermenting mustard on the counter top.

He's a simple man with basic needs - like yellow mustard.  That's all the man needs not Dijon, not whole grain, not spicy, not Creole,  just plain old yellow American mustard yet I felt compelled to attempt this fermented variety that I had pinned at some point.  Curse you pinterest and your vixen ways!

And although he may look at me and just plead a simple "Why?" from time to time, he is a good sport and will try anything I throw at lacto-fermented mustard. 

1-4-3 EM because you don't think I'm nuts-ola.  :)

This is part of GratiTuesday.


  1. Oh boy, has Pinterest gotten me in trouble a few times! My hubby is very gracious about my projects, too.

    1. Pinterest is not so bad as long as I go to my board and find a couple of things to make and get off. It's when I see what my friends have pinned and think, "Hmmmm....I'd like to make that too, and that...and that..."

  2. Oh, Pinterest can get me in trouble, too! My husband is rather nice about my experiments, as well - and aren't they fun when they work out??

    1. You are so right. They are great fun when they work out...not so fun explaining what the funky smell in the house is when they DON'T work out. :)


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