Perfectly Practical #123 - Packing for Summer Camp

Last week, we talked about some summer camp tips and I mentioned that I will tell you how I packed Diva for camp. 

Set out the suitcase so that everything can be thrown in one spot to begin with - a holding area if you will.

A laundry bag was an awesome addition for her first camp, so we threw it in again this time around.  Most of the dirty laundry made it into the bag and no wet clothes were in the suitcase.

I packed outfits in gallon size ziptop bags so it is a grab and go situation for Diva.  You pack that day's worth of clothes in the bag and just squish the air out.  The added benefit to this is that there is room for important stuff  - like cuddly toys.  The clothes got packed in the order they would be needed and bags with her clothes for the themed nights were labeled.

I used reusable bottles for her toiletries, labeled them, and kept them together in one bag so she could easily grab it while heading to the shower.

Bedding is bulky and campers usually need that right away to make up their bunk so instead of faffing about with stacks of sheets, I put her sheets and blanket inside her pillowcase.  Once we found out which was her cabin, we went straight there and made up her bed lickety split.

A few other ideas of camp necessities: batteries - flashlight - journal - pen - stamps - paper- pen - bug spray - sunscreen - tennis shoes - water shoes - flip flops - closed toed (hard shoes like boots or Dr. Martin's) - camera - theme night stuff - stuffed animal - letters - extra clothes and underwear.

I know some people who send extra things for their child's cabin-mates like personalized cups, picture frames, or food (if the camp allows.)

Anything I left out?  Is there something else you suggest sending with your child to camp?

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  1. Thanks for sharing these packing tips. Packing one outfit per gallon zipper bag seems like a great idea for a grab and go situation. These tips would probably come in handy when packing for summer camp.

    1. It's perfect for a camper who rolls out of bed and needs to grab their clothes quick and head to the showers. :)


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