Menu Plan - Pantry Challenge Week 29

At this point the challenge truly is getting me into the kitchen for anything other than canning.

We have been so fortunate to either be invited over to the houses of our friends or family or have a reason to go out like Supper Club, that I still have yet to do any actual full-on supper making myself. 

What does that make this...week 3 of not cooking supper?  Ridiculous isn't it?

So ridiculous, in fact, that I threatened to just write out a canning plan last week.  Here it is, this week instead of making a firm plan for supper that I most likely won't be sticking to anyway, I have indeed decided to write out a canning plan with a loose supper menu plan. 

Maybe I can stick to this plan...maybe...

Sunday - Dinner w/parents

Monday - Some sort of salad-y type supper; canning:  Day 5 of 8 Day Pickles, Green Pepper Jelly

Tuesday - Some sort of breakfast-y type supper; canning:  Day 6 of 8 Day Pickles, Vanilla Peach Jam, Day 1 of 2 Day Fig Preserves

Wednesday - Some sort of Pasta-y type supper; canning:  Day 7 of 8 Day Pickles, Cinnamon Peach Jam, Final Day for 2 Day Fig Preserves

Thursday - Some sort of Stir Fry-y type supper; canning:  Final Day for 8 Day Pickles, Watermelon Rind Pickles

Friday - Date Night

Saturday - Leftovers from brunch

This is part of Menu Plan Monday.


  1. I like the added canning plan. We tried starting figs behind the garden last year with no luck. Do you grow your own? Our cucumbers didn't produce much this year, but I have made 6 pints of pickles. I hope to plant round two next month and see if we can get a few more.

    1. I like the canning plan too. It has been easier to stick to than the past few weeks of menus, although this week's loose plan is serving me very well. I have neighbors and friends and parents who all grow figs so I just get theirs. Figs grow really well here in East Texas but it takes about 3 years for any fruit bearing tree to get a "toe-hold". I have had reasonable success with my cucs this year. It was my squash that was a bust. Good luck with your round two planting.

  2. Stopping by from OrgJunkie. The cinnamon peach jam sounds delicious. Do you have a recipe? Thanks for posting. :-)

    1. Glad you stopped by Ms. Yvonne. :) I will have to post that recipe soon. It kind of pulls double duty as a runny jam (I kind of like jam runny) or a pie filling.

  3. Well, at least you're having Some Sort Of Supper for the fam. :D Most days I want to say YOYO! Visiting from MPM.

  4. Oh my word... your jams sound DELISH!!!! And I have to admit that I laughed as I read your dinner menus... but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

    1. Thanks Ms. Horne! :) Yes ma'am, I definitely have to do what is necessary this week, and getting the obscene amount of produce out of boxes on my floor is what I gotta do! ;)

  5. what a blessing to have all that to can - a lot of work, but oh, so worth it!
    very smart to make a loose and flexible plan, so you are free to focus on doing what needs to get done.
    I'll be putting up dill pickles today, but I'd love the vanilla peach jam recipe - yum!

  6. Yes ma'am it is a blessing indeed. During the school year, I like a much tighter meal plan but this loosey-goosey stuff is working for us during the summer. I will have to get that vanilla peach jam recipe on the site at some point.


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