Perfectly Practical #115 - Dusting & Vacuuming Tips

This month I am using Ms. Nony's new e-book Teaching Kids to Clean as inspiration for my perfectly practical tips. 

I've written about floor cleaning tips previously which are all kid-friendly and include carpet deodorizer.

But here are some more tips:

  • Microfiber dust cloth - If you don't already have a microfiber cloth, I would suggest getting one.  They are completely reusable and no chemicals are needed.
  • Long-handled duster - I will admit that I have been known to  use a microfiber cloth attached with a rubberband to a swiffer sweeper base from time to time.
  • Vacuum with good suction - I like the bagless kind of vacuum cleaner because I don't want to have to purchase the bags.  Does anyone else think it is nonsensical that we have to pay for liners to go in receptacles that hold trash?  Garbage sacks, vacuum cleaner liners, it is literally throwing money away!  Another soapbox for another time.
  • Dust before you vacuum since the dust you knock off of your shelves will settle onto the floor.
  • Start dusting the highest point first and work your way downward.
  • Dust from left to right consistently. 
  • Before you vacuum, roll up rugs or else the rug's fringe will get sucked up into the vacuum and slightly rip.  Which will then become a large rip when your dog decides it is a fun chew toy.  Which in turn causes you to find threads all over your floors that causes you to have to vacuum more.  Does that sound like the voice of experience?
  • If you are using carpet deodorizer, leave it for at least 30 minutes but an hour is better.
As for how to vacuum, I am no expert.  Engineer does the floors in our house (yes, I know I am a lucky girl.)

While in England, whenever you would walk into a house, there would be baskets, or piles, or racks of shoes at the entry and you simply added your shoes to the jumble until it was time to leave.  I'm a barefoot kinda girl anyway so I liked this notion but really what it was doing was causing less work on the person who vacuums.  Most of the crud that gets on the floor is tracked in through folks wearing shoes in the house.  No shoes in the house  = less crud = less vacuuming = more time for coffee.

Our cleaning schedule is that I dust once a week and when I deep clean a room I go so far as to dust/wash each individual tchotchke and the walls. Our fans get dusted about once a month, although they could probably use it more often. Floors are supposed to be every week to 2 weeks but as I am not the one doing it, I can't complain too loudly.

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.

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