Madly In Love

Have you seen those plaques that say "All because two people fell in love"?  I have seen them over door frames in houses and on the wall in nurseries, but in our house, that sign is over our bed.

It is a constant reminder of a truth.

I have made no secret that I did not want to move from J.O.E.  And just like I told Diva the other day, the most important decision of my life was when I said "yes" to her Daddy. 

Truly, I believe that our lives have been intertwined in every way and have taken directions that we never dreamed of because we two fell in love.

  • We never thought we would eat freshly picked dates in an oasis in the Sahara Desert or skirt the Algerian border and be told "don't wander too far." 
  • We never thought we would live or have a child abroad. 
  • We never thought we would live in a village.
  • I never thought we would move back to the States.
  • I never thought that I would love (and miss) Sunday afternoon strolls and tea time as much as I do.
  • We never thought I would enjoy homemaking.
  • We never thought we would eat at a restaurant with 2 Michelin stars.
  • We never thought we would be shaken down by gypsies in a marketplace.
  • We never thought that we would pray for our safety in the backs of cabs on three continents (let's go for 6 EM, whadaya say?)
  • He never thought I would learn to cook. ;)
  • We never thought we would be invited in for Ouzo by an elderly lady we had never met before while waiting to rent a moped in Greece (we didn't speak Greek and she didn't speak English, but we all spoke Ouzo!) 
  • We never thought we would become the travel agents for an English brass band to come to Texas.
  • We never thought we would see the light at the end of the tunnel of our debt.
  • We never thought we would take an old Russian military vehicle in the hammering rain deep into the forested hills of Bulgaria to see traditional craftsmen at work and taste their homemade rakia (plum brandy).
  • We never thought we would ever be invited for dinner at an Italian's home in New York.
  • We never thought we would go to the premier of a movie that one of us was in.
  • We never thought we would attend a village parade where flaming barrels of tar were carried by men down the street.
  • We never thought that our happily ever after would be as fun or exciting or happy as it has been.

Thank you EM for indulging me when I asked you some of your favorite memories of the strange most unusual things we've done together.  What's interesting is I had already written so many of the same ones. 

Thank you for making our life together so special all because we two people fell in love.
1-4-3 EM!

This is part of GratiTuesday.


  1. Your story is so much like ours! When the opportunity to move to Germany for three years (with three young kids) came along I pushed and we went. We did both agree it was time to come home rather than renew the contract for another three years. That was God's hand as we never dreamt we'd have a child need such intense medical care.

    1. God is so good and faithful. He knows our needs even when we don't.

  2. Wow, what a list! I would love to read the stories to match each one. :-)

    1. Maybe one day I will get around to writing those stories. They would make a great family legacy book for Diva. :) Thanks for the suggestion.


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