Madly in Love Monday

We are nearing the end of the U.K. versions of regular articles which is a little sad since that also means that we are nearing the end of our visit with our friends from J.O.E.  I would be remiss though if I didn't mention Engineer at some point this month.

We got married when we were both young (20 & 21).  We had no ties (read:  house or children) to keep us in the U.S., so when our English boss mentioned in passing that he thought about opening a branch office in his home town; I jumped on that "like a rooster on a june bug." 

I sort of made the decision for us that we would move overseas. 

Engineer and I were still very newlywed when all this happened (we got married in March and visited England for office space in November.) 

After 8 years abroad, we had grown up together and had grown together, intertwined and deeply rooted. 

Engineer finished his university over there and was looking for jobs.  I begged him to look in England, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia - anywhere - even though his heart really wanted to come back to Texas. 

We were at a major crossroads:  I had everything to lose (business, friends, married/parenting life as I knew it) and he had everything to gain (a new job, more opportunities, and higher education.) 

Even though he was desperate to come back to the States I dug my very stylish heels in to stay. 

We made a deal with each other and asked God for a flashing neon sign that said "stay" or "go". 

Engineer sent out applications all over our area in England and only sent 5 off to East Texas.  Only one place contacted him in the U.K. and said they couldn't afford him because he had too much experience while 4 out of 5 places in the U.S. requested interviews. 

That Christmas we visited home and he went on interviews.  A few weeks later he was offered a job at 2 of the companies - there was our sign.

There was a lot of tension between us for awhile both before and after we came back to the States.  I made no secret of wanting to stay and NOT wanting to go, but we had made a deal.
Though I was a right pain in the backside for about a year and a half, Engineer patiently waited me out.  He acknowledged the sacrifices I had made and said how much he appreciated them.  He knew the move was hardest on me since he would have a new job to look forward to as well as new colleagues and Diva would have a new school and new friends but I had nothing but an empty house to look forward to. 

I was very difficult to live with for awhile yet Engineer was always there and stable.  He has never pushed me to go to work and now he realizes that I make more being a savvy shopper than if I had to go to a part time job.  ;)  We have now taken root here and I am sure that is down to Engineer's tender care.

We went to Jolly Olde England because of me but came back to Texas because of him. 

I guess that's what marriage needs - ebb and flow...and patience...lots and lots of patience 

1-4-3 EM!