Madly In Love

I married my best friend.

Better yet, Engineer and I both married our best friends.

There is nothing that he doesn't know about me and yet, he loves me anyway.  He thinks I can do anything and I know that he can. 

I asked him the other day what he thought was the most fundamental part of a good marriage - financial stability, time together, being in agreement, uh hem...bedroomy stuff *blush*, religion, etc. and he said it was just plain liking your spouse.  That's it?  You and your superbrain and all you can come up with is that married people are happier if they like each other?

He went on to say that people get married because they like each other's company.  He feels like most people if asked would say that they married their best friend, or at least felt that way at the time.  To him, happily married couples are the ones who still say their spouse is their best friend after years and years of marriage. 

Such a simple recipe for marital bliss - just like each other.  Um, Engineer, do you have an equally brilliant yet simple recipe for how to raise a daughter to be an outstanding and  productive member of society?  Or for puff pastry?  Either one will do...

1-4-3 EM!
This is part of GratiTuesday.


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