Madly in Love Monday

Engineer thinks I can do anything.  So many times Engineer says to me, "You would be great at that!"  That being anything - I'm serious, anything that comes up where one could possibly say that someone could be good at something (could that be anymore ambiguous) he thinks I would be good at it. 

Engineer is my biggest fan and I am his.  He is so practical most of the time so when he looks all starry eyed and says with utter conviction that he truly believes that I can do anything, I have to believe it too.

It is like having a permanent cheerleader in your house.  
How comforting is that?  

I know that whatever I put my hand to, my husband stands firmly in the belief that it will succeed.

Except truck driving...he fundamentally does not believe that I would be good at truck driving. 

1-4-3 EM!


  1. Driving the truck is's backing up with a trailer on that gets tricky. LOL

    1. I think he meant big rigs but I'm not brilliant at driving regular trucks either. :)


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