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Is anyone else taking up the pantry challenge?  So far so good with us.  Last week's menu was followed pretty well until I realized that I had smoked turkey that needed to be eaten so we had BBQ turkey sandwiches instead of chili and pizza for date night instead of tilapia. 

We had all of our Christmas decorations down by Twelfth Night, it looked a little sketchy whether or not we would get to it but we made it.  We had never heard of having decs down by Epiphany before living in England.  Most people left their decorations up until January 6th and then they all magically disappeared January 7th.  We couldn't figure out why until our neighbor told us it was bad luck to leave your holiday decorations up after Twelfth Night.     

I had aspirations of deep cleaning room by room, catching up with some writing, making lesson plans for some classes I'll be teaching later in the year, baking some goodies for our cookie ministry, and instead of doing ANY of those, I cleaned out cabinets and the pantry.  Now y'all, I have said it before and I'll say it again:  this is The Little Pink House.  It stands to reason that we would have a little pantry.  So how in the world can so much stuff get crammed in there!  Once I cleaned out the pantry, I had a mild panic at the amount of stuff the expires soon and thought, "Right.  From the looks of what needs to be used up, we will be eating cookies and cranberry sauce for the next two weeks.  That should make meal planning very easy."

This week is totally back to reality.  Engineer at work, Diva at school, dentist appointments, meetings, you know - real life.  My one not real life appointment is a French cooking class.  I love attending these and Chef Anne is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  I will come home with yummy food and a wealth of new culinary knowledge.

Here is what we will be eating from our pantry, freezer, and fridge:

Sunday - Bacon Sandwiches, Creamed Collards, and Sauteed Apples
Monday - Leftovers (we have masses of them even though both Engineer and Diva take them in their lunches)
Tuesday - Crab & Spinach Bisque, Salad, and Crescent Rolls
Wednesday - Pizza and Salad
Thursday - Sausage & Potatoes and Sauerkraut Salad
Friday - Date Night - Pasta in a Spinach Sauce & Salad
Saturday - Guadiana Tortilla Ole & Salad

This is part of Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.


  1. I had such big aspirations for the holiday, but instead of accomplishing my list I soaked up some time with family. Now I need to play catch up. Your menu sounds divine!

  2. best of luck with your pantry challenge!

  3. Thanks Ms. Kristin! I did a little something different with the apples last night that I will have to share soon. They were yummy! :)

  4. Thanks Ms. Tara! Even though I have assessed the freezers and pantry, there is so much crammed in there that I truly believe I will stay on the pantry challenge for another 4 months! ;)


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