Perfectly Practical #91 - How to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

What are you going to do with that tannenbaum now that the holidays are winding down?  Do you have a plan once you have stripped it down to its natural state once again?  Throwing it out with your general trash is not your only option instead, consider a few other possibilities.

If you used a potted living tree:
  • Plant it on your property
  • Donate it to a local park or arboricultural society to plant locally
  • Start a Memorial Forest at your church using the trees
If you used a cut tree:
  • Throw it in a pond (please do ask permission if it's not your pond) or donate it to a local waterways society - dead trees make great habitats for fish
  • Run it through the chipper and use it as mulch in your flower beds
  • Break it down some and throw it in your compost
  • Chop it into smaller bits and use it as kindling
  • Take it outside but keep it in the stand and hang bird feeders from it - your feathered friends will love the "perch n' peck" that you set up for them outside
  • See if your city has a citywide compost scheme and donate the tree to it

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This is part of We are That Family's Works for Me Wednesday.