Bad Cat Solutions - The Drain Claw Review

Team Moppins can be thankful that we have lots - lots of love, lots of food, and lots of hair...well, that one may be a blessing and a curse.

It's like we are part golden retriever or something.  All three of us shed hair like crazy and consequently, our drains get clogged frequently - so gross. 

A plumber friend told us long ago that those nasty chemicals you can buy to eat through the clog are bad for your drains.  They can't be good for your nose, lungs, or eyes either - have you ever been around that stuff?  Yikes!

We were so excited when we were sent a really cool little product to try to help us with our hairball situation - The Drain Claw.  The Drain Claw is basically a piece of Velcro wrapped around a bendable tube.  This little baby is brilliant in its simplicity!    

Most drain clogs are caused by hair so The Drain Claw takes care of the problem without the use of horrible face melting chemicals and instead with a "simple push and twist motion." 

Yesterday, I decided to take it for a spin and was not disappointed.  By the way, I did not take pictures of the gunk that came out of our drains.  I gagged.  You're welcome. 

Here's what I like about The Drain Claw:
  • User friendly - seriously, I do not do household maintenance and I could use it
  • Environmentally (and face) friendly - no harsh chemicals that cause face meltage
  • Pocket book friendly - investment of $6.99 as opposed to buying gallons of chemicals
  • Simple - I love simple practical ideas that work
  • Works well - does what it claims to do 
  • Compact - it takes up virtually no room
  • Made in the U.S.A. - woo-hoo!
Here's what I don't like about The Drain Claw:  nada.  I do have one suggestion though, it would be fabulous if they could make a self-cleaning version so that I wouldn't have to see or touch the goop it yanks out of the drain. 

If you would like to learn more about The Drain Claw go to

The good folks at Bad Cat Solutions have given me the opportunity to give two of my readers The Drain Claw.  Detailed below are the entry methods and the contest will run between midnight Christmas Eve and midnight New Year's Day. 

Good luck!

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  1. Sounds similar to the zip it, which is wonderful. I'd like to give this one a try!

  2. We have lots of hair in our household, too! We need this item!

  3. I ordered one and it took 9 days for them to ship it and 12 days for it to arrive... ridiculous business practices. It didn't work in my drain either.


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