Last of the Summer Hats...

...for this year anyway.  Just like it's a no-no to wear white shoes past Labor Day, it's a no-no to wear straw hats past Labor Day so we are done with our straw hats for the year.

In case you thought the first round of hats were a fluke, here are a few more that have been worn this summer.  The above hat was an Easter hat one year in the US and the one below was an Easter hat in the UK.

When we first moved back Stateside, I needed a fabulous ensemble to lift my spirits so a great LBD, red heels, and this hat were purchased.

The above caplet was given to me by one of the little old ladies in our church.

For my birthday, my in-laws gave me this hat along with a hat box - you can never have too many of either.  :)

Both the vintage pink flowered caplet and the vintage straw pillbox came from estate sales.

This picture doesn't do the hat justice.  It has a great big flower with feathers poking out around it.  It was an Easter hat one year while in the UK.

This one came from an elderly lady in our church

Below are the hats Diva has been wearing this summer:

 Now it is on to the winter hats...

This is part of What I Wore Wednesday.


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