Madly In Love Monday

I am madly in love this Monday because Engineer lets me be free to experiment with and/or without him. 

You already know that he is not embarrassed about my hats and that he let's me be me all the time.  Well, these No 'Poo and OCM experiments are the latest in a string of ideas I wanted to try just to see what happens.

Hardly has there been a day go by since I started these experiments where I have not turned to the love of my life and purred these words:  Feel my face and smell my hair.

Engineer looked at me the other day and teased, "You get fruitier every day."  Thank you honey, now please smell my hair.  It's in the name of science!

Thank you EM for giving me a wide berth and embracing my crazy my unconventional homemaking (and hygiene) skills.
1-4-3 EM!

Don't forget the Carmex giveaway!
This is part of Heavenly Homemakers GratiTuesday.