Frugal Fashions

I told you it was coming, and here it is - my latest frugal fashion finds. 

Ms. Doretha's famous charity garage sale was this past weekend and I thought you might like to see what I picked up.  Price tags were still on almost everything I picked up although some of the brand labels were cut out.  The pictures don't to the clothes any favors but I can assure you, they are nice.  (But what do I know?  I wear hats like this.)  :)

Peace of Cloth Jacket
Marc Aural Skirt 
Vintage Purse (I couldn't resist)

Long Denim Skirt
Gender Bias Skirt

Elliot Lauren Shirt
Barbara Lesser Cropped Pants

Grey Belted Tunic Sweater
Beaded Drop Necklace
Denim 6 Jeans

Cut Loose Black Pants

Black 3/4 Sleeve Shrug
Brighton Purse
Metal Flower Necklace

Are you ready for grand total of what I bought?
Total Retail:  $1,420.00 (no, the decimal is not in the wrong place)
Total OOP:  $22.00
Savings 98%
I love those kinds of numbers...saving that kind of money on clothes means that I have a little wiggle in the budget for a new hat..or five.

(Those totals or pictures do not include the retail cost of $1,750.00 worth of stuff I bought that were housewares or gifts for an additional $25!)


  1. I'd love to have a heads up on the next sale. It would be a fun day trip with friends.

  2. I will endeavor to remember to post it before I head out the door. :)


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