Madly in Love Monday

Raise your hand if you were up at 2:45am Friday morning to watch the royal nuptials live. (Raising my hand.)

In fact, not only was I up, but had Operina and her eldest daughter over, and set out tea, biscuits (Hob Nobs to be exact), and strawberries & cream.  We each had a hat for the occasion and watched the whole pomp and circumstance.  (You had better believe that I took a nap later while Diva was at school.)

Who doesn't love a good love story?*  And the fact that a girl woke up that morning as a commoner and went to bed a royal is as classic of a fairytale as any ever told. 

There was something almost magical about watching the world gain a princess.  (Technically she is a Duchess until everyone moves up the line to the thrown but you catch my drift.)  The thing is, although around 2 billion people were said to be watching (that is 40% of the world's population!) he is still a guy and she is still a girl and I bet they felt no differently about the wedding than Engineer and I did 12 years ago.

Engineer said he was weak in the knees when the doors opened and he saw me for the first time as I took those first few steps down the aisle toward him.  The church could have burned down around us and I wouldn't have flinched because all of my focus was on my beloved.  All else melted away and I only saw him. 

I don't remember saying words, exchanging rings, lighting candles.  I don't remember thinking about the past or the future.  I had no idea that my train caught on part of the aisle decorations and yanked them down.  Nor did I know that our nephew was screaming in the lobby directly under a vent which echoed throughout the sanctuary (I realized that afterwards when we saw the video.)  All I remember is looking at my husband to be and feeling humbled that he chose me to be his bride.

Still, I feel that way.  I am so blessed to be the one who walks beside him through life.  The one with whom he has a beautiful little girl.  The one who has the privilege of kissing him goodbye in the morning.  The one who is honored to drift off to sleep in his arms.  I am so blessed. 

I don't need an official title; I have found my Prince Charming and that makes me princess enough.

*(That was a rhetorical question.  If you do indeed loathe love stories don't tell me, I don't want to know.  In my head everyone loves them and that's that.)

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