He Is We Review & Give Away

What do you get when you put some good tunes with some very emotive lyrics - a really enjoyable album.

Normally, I review albums by artists that I have heard of but this time was different.  I knew nothing about He Is We at all. 

To give you a little background on the band:

These two were working in a music store, found each other, and decided make beautiful music together.   Sounds like it could have been the premise of a 90s Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks film.  No wonder their first released track is called "Happily Ever After."

This album has had a lot of play since its arrival in the mailbox; we have really enjoyed it.  The style of the music is not new but it is current.  I would compare their sound to Vanessa Carlton, Sara Bareilles, and Paramore.  The tunes are so catchy that there should be a warning label advising you that you may experience random moments of bursting into song...although that is an everyday occurrence around here. 

Our family felt that several of the songs would be perfect for movies or commercials.  We made up whole storylines to go with the different tracks.   One thing that recording artists want to be is memorable.  So the fact that they started dialogue, I would say, was a good indicator that He Is We was successful.

What were our favorite tracks?  I'm so glad you asked.  We really liked the first track called "Forever and Ever"  The words of the chorus are exactly how I feel about Engineer "...You're my air when I feel I can't breathe. Catching me when I'm tripping over my feet..."   Track two is very sweet and has almost a first dance quality to it.  Then we move onto the rather serious ballad "Kiss It Better" which again, has such a vivid story that it is easy to visualize. 

This would be a cool gift to give one of those graduating Seniors in your life.  If you would like to purchase My Forever just click on the link and away you go. 

But wait, there's more...

The generous people at Sneak Attack Media have given one of my readers the opportunity to win
He Is We's album My Forever.
Here are the details:

Leave a comment telling me about a "happily ever after" experience.
On Saturday (5/7/11) I will get Diva to draw a name from those who have participated out of a fabulous hat.  The winner will be announced Sunday (5/8.)

I was sent a copy of the new album by He Is We entitled "My Forever" to review.  Thanks Sneak Attack Media for introducing me to this new band.


  1. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. Oh, did you mean real life? I was told by my first obgyn that it would be difficult for me to get pregnant, and even more difficult to carry to term. Then my husband had cancer and went through 3 rounds of chemo. His doctor said that between the two of us our chances were once in a blue moon. 4 pregnancies later we have 2 beautiful children that are a joy to have around, even when I'm pulling my hair out. That is my happily ever after.

  2. What an amazing happily ever after!

  3. My latest Happily Ever After story is the purchase of this house in March. It's a dream come true to actually own a home of our own, and we couldn't have found one more perfect to fit us than this one!

    I really do not need to enter this giveaway as I am also hosting one on my website. I love this album! We listen to it all the time. I've been blessed to be introduced to so much music through doing reviews.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Ms. Marsha! Agreed, a new house is definitely a happily ever after moment. I'm glad you like the CD. Did you find yourself randomly singing the tunes as well?

  5. My happily ever after moment was when I proposed to my wife. I rented costumes from beauty and the beast, and I rented the rose, and I built a set, blindfolded her and brought her there where her mother and best friend changed her while blindfolded, then one of our friends sang the song beauty and the beast while we danced and then I popped the question.


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