Carmex Has Done It Again

It is no secret that I love Carmex.  It is also no secret that I love all of their products.  So why would a trial run of their orange scented Moisture Plus Stick be any different?  I'll tell you why - you may want to come in a closer so I can whisper this is your ear.  I don't want Carmex to hear that >looking both ways for eavesdroppers< I don't like artificial orange flavored/scented stuff.  Whew!  That's a burden off of my shoulders.

Seriously though, I have never been a fan of orange...the color...the flavor...the fruit...the word.  I mean really, every pronunciationof the word, whether one syllable or two, sounds odd.  (The one exception is the classic push-up pop.  That is a childhood staple and it would be un-American of me not to at least enjoy those.)  Needless to say, I was wary about trying to marry a product that I really stand behind and a flavoring that I detest.

I shouldn't have worried.

The makers of Carmex totally have things under control.  The Moisture Plus Stick is fabulous as you know, and the hint of orange is not a distraction.  The orange fragrance is not overpowering and the taste is not like baby aspirin.  Instead, you have this almost push-up pop nostalgia going on.  It's a very light and slightly vanilla-y scent.  I do not dislike it and that is really saying something for me, a certified non-lover of orange, or-ange, ornge (see, it just sounds silly.)

Thanks Carmex for sending me a sample and realizing that maybe not all orange matters need to written off as rubbish.

*My review is my personal opinion. I was sent the product to review for participating.