Carmex Giveaway #2

I've mentioned before that I am not  huge fan of make-up.  I realize that when I was in 5th, 6th, & 7th grade I begged my parents to let me wear make-up like all the other girls.  I was so embarrassed that they wouldn't let me wear it until I was 13 and even then, only after I had sat at the Clinique counter and had the cosmetic consultant put age appropriate color on my face.  Sheesh!  What a hard life, eh? 

I'm going to say that my make-up wearing lasted for approximately 2 years before I decided that it was better to sleep a little longer than to slather stuff all over my face in the mornings.  (All those years of whining for nothing.  Sorry Momma.)  So from about 10th grade, I haven't worn makeup consistently. 


What I do wear consistently however, is some sort of lip gloss.  I told you before that I am a HUGE fan of Carmex and have been for as long as I can remember.  No other product makes my lips feel so nice.  So how cool is it that they now have a lip gloss in their arsenal of lip salves?

The Carmex Moisture Plus Stick is fabulous, no really, I am in love with the thing.  The stick glides across your lips but isn't greasy and comes in either colorless or pink or peach tinted.  I loved the idea of the tinted gloss but was a bit wary since I have tried tinted glosses before and they have left a big line of color across the edges of my lips or the color flakes off once the gloss begins to dry.  The Moisture Plus Stick does neither.  The tint is just that, a tint so it just enhances the natural color of your lips.  Perfect for someone like me.

This is kind of a weird thing to like, but I actually like the packaging of the product.  The background is that signature Carmex yellow so it is unmissable.  Also, all of the benefits of the product are listed clearly on the front of the package as well as the indicated color. 

That Carmex smell is much more mild in this product than the others.  In fact, this one almost smells a little vanilla-like. 

Okay, so the fine people at Carmex have offered one of my readers a Moisture Plus Stick.  All you have to do is leave a comment by Saturday, November 27th about what product would you like to see Carmex come up with next. *Giveaway has ended.

Diva will draw a name out of a fabulous hat Sunday, November 28th.

*My review is my personal opinion. I was sent products to review for participating. Like I said before, I really like Carmex products so I would have been very hard on them if they made a product that was inferior to the others in their line. :)


  1. I would like to see foot scrub/heel cream.

  2. Oh I do love competitions/giveaways. I think I would like to see a moisture stick for tired eyes.
    Not sure I qualify for this giveaway seen as I live in New Zealand, but I can only try~

  3. I would like to see them come out with a facial moisturizer with spf in it and if possible for sensitive skin people like me :) lol

    Rachelle perry

  4. I love giveaways, although I don't think I can remember ever winning one. Love your blog!
    Melanie Juays

  5. I agree with Rachelle, a face moisturizer with SPF15 would be perfect!
    Mindy Whiting

  6. I would love carmex cuticle cream or some carmex foot scrub!!

  7. I would also like to see Carmex come out with a facial moisturizer for dry skin. Something sensitive enough for the eye area just below the eyebrow!


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