Catching Up...

(Guest post by our English rose.)

Wednesday we went to another farm but this time it was out towards Longview and it was home to vegetables rather than animals. This was very different to the other farm but I can't quite articulate the ways that it was...

There, a kind farmer greeted us and we collected our load of fresh vegetables that were set out we had three types of lettuce, radishes and onions because that was what was doing well this week you cannot predict but it doesn't matter because you get a stock every week!

We were about to leave when we were offered to take some more radishes and onions because they were at the end and they needed that space to grow different things. So we got to it and started picking lots of radishes it seemed a shame for them to go to waste. We ended up with about five buckets full of radishes and masses of onions - just what we all wanted!!

I joked with the farmer that I should be allowed to drive his tractors but seeing as I have no drivers license we compromised and said that when I come back with a license then he might consider it so there was hope.

For lunch we went to Porky's for a pork sandwich with potato salad and spicy beans. I ate all of that comfortably but then got a bit carried away and ordered cheesecake for desert. It tasted brilliant but I wasn't as hungry now as I was when I came in so it was going to be a challenge.

On Thursday we had a "free day" it ran to a tight regime:
11.00: Burger King for free chicken tenders each.
11.30: Wal-Mart - $21 worth of stuff and I got paid forty eight cents to take it.
1.30: Burger King for free chicken tenders each.
2.30: Sonic for a corny dog and an ocean water...yummy for my tummy!

Friday was a funny day because it started slow since we were all low on sleep after a siren and a thunderstorm at two in the morning. We didn't have too much to do so we just hung out in the house until the afternoon hit us and we went to a university art class at ETBU and had lunch provided. I was shocked that only six students turned up to what I thought was a really interesting and engaging talk.

Then we had to pick up the kid from school and ferry her back across to ETBU for a nerve racking piano rally which to me ( a novice ear) found brilliant. Straight from there she had a dance dress rehearsal which we had to sit through for over three hours whilst the sun was shining and it was some what ruining it for Sunday's real thing because we have already seen it! From there we went on to a rodeo at Longview.

I had no idea what to expect but I had got as far as cowboys. When we arrived it was a dusty field floodlit and surrounded by massive stands which were packed with Texans. I felt soooo English. It was so exciting watching and listening to the commentators made me laugh because they were just as excited as everyone in the crowd which is not very common in England. I bought two rodeo t-shirts in pink one for  me and one for the kid! What a night!

We love the rodeo and try to attend at least one a year; so much the better if we have English guests.  Engineer's friend was participating in the bull riding event again so we were especially excited to see him.   Is it possible Georgia, that you felt "soooooo English" because you kept hollering "Good show!"  and "Roll on!" and "Well done!" and "Best of Luck!" and "Oh dear, I do hope he hasn't hurt himself."  I love having guests (even if I am a bit maniacal before they get here) because it is so fun to observe East Texas through their eyes. 


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