Rodeo Fun

I love me some rodeo! 

The smell of the stock, watching the redneck zamboni (John deer tractor with a rake attached) in anticipation of what's to come, and seeing the little cowboys wait their turn while hanging on the rails; it's a beautiful thing. 

Let's not be under any illusions here; I may have been the only person in the arena last night wearing Cole Haan loafers and not sporting the standard issue Texas Big Hair.  Our lack of inner cowboyness in no way diminished the fun the Moppins family had last night. 

This blur is a cowboy being tossed like a ragdoll by a bronco.
I apologize for the blurriness but you've got to be quick on the draw when the action's happening, which obviously, I am not.  

The other pictures are of the Calf Scramble (Diva is out there somewhere and had no idea why all the kids were running around but was excited nonetheless) and Diva with one of Engineer's co-workers.  Engineer by day, bull rider by night:  sounds like the makings of a very niche market comic book.