Perfectly Practical #45 - Leftover Dips

Lots of guests have come and gone this weekend.  There are always things that we do for our guests that we wouldn't necessarily do just for ourselves. 

*Note*  I'm aware there are many people out there with the school of thought that you must seize the day and feed your family on china every night and company is no more important than your family, etc.  This is not to dispute any of those claims, I can only tell you how we work in this household. 

Moving on...

One of the little things we do when having a crowd over is to supplement the food offered with dip.  I am sure this is no different than anyone else do far right?  What makes this a "guest only" situation is that we don't eat dips on a regular basis (except for hot sauce and even then I can assure you that Engineer firmly believes deep down in his soul that we DO NOT eat that regularly enough.)

When it comes to dips we are fairly plain in that we opt for, the crowd and often kiddo pleasers - Ranch & Spinach dips to be exact.  Although...I have made a dynamite roasted garlic dip before...I may have to pull that out again and let you in on it.  I digress.

So what to do when the hoards of folks are gone and we still have various dips, that if left to their own devices will get fuzzy and rather off-putting as they get shoved further and further back into the fridge only to be found once they have grown a tail... >shiver<  That has happened too many times my friends...

And since you know how much I hate to waste food, it fills me with Ranch rage when I come across the lurking dip mutant in my quest to find some other ingredient in the fridge.  In order to restore balance on Planet Moppins, I have simply tried to find a use for those leftover dips before they turn into a science experiment. 

You my dahlings, get to reap the benefit of my research.  :)

Uses for leftover dips:

- Flavoring for Mashed Potatoes, Potato Soup, or Twice Baked Potatoes (f.y.i. all will freeze well)
- Add a little milk to the dip and turn it into a salad dressing
- Throw some in with eggs for a fancier version your average breakfast scramble
- Use it in a quiche
- Marinate chicken in it (Ranch)
- Throw it in with pasta (Spinach)
- Sandwich Spread

Do you have any other great ideas for leftover dips?