Madly in Love Monday

To continue on last week's theme of I don't like to drive let me say that I am madly in love with my Engineer this Monday because he puts gas in my car.  If there is one thing I like less than driving, it's putting gas in the dern thing.

Between my Dad & brother, I never put gas in my car until I left home for university (I can feel your eyes rolling...) and if it weren't for my best friend and then roommate refusing to put gas in my car for me, I probably wouldn't have even done it then.  

Gas stations are icky and petrol smells bad and I don't like being out in inclement weather to refuel a piece of equipment that I don't enjoy anyway...I think you get the picture.  Let me put it this way, putting gas in my car is like plucking my eyebrows, it is a reoccurring necessary evil. 

Engineer is so good to me.  Putting gas in a car is nobody's favorite activity and especially not when it is nighttime and chilly.  But when his wife mentions that she is out of gas after he is already settled in for the evening....he goes out and fills up her tank anyway.  

He might as well slay a dragon for me - that's how big of a deal it is that he pumps my gas.  

I am so appreciative and for that, I will no longer put fresh parsley on his food (he hates fresh parsley) even if the recipe calls for it.  It's a big sacrifice I know, but I feel that the trade off is totally worth it.  ;)   

Thank you thank you thank you for keeping my gas tank full!  1-4-3 EM!