Winter Hats 2015-16

Last night I won a gift certificate to a local Mexican restaurant for wearing the most fabulous hat at Diva's school's banquet.  So it seemed fitting to post the winter hats that have been worn this season.

These are all vintage:

That is it.
I'm out.
These photos are the last of my winter hats.
It's very upsetting, I know.
I'm just going to have to console myself with a hunt for more...

This is part of WIWW.


  1. Beautiful hats! I can easily believe you had the most fabulous hat at the banquet :)

    1. I had some stiff competition. There were some lovely chapeaux at the affair.

  2. You've got some collection, girl!

    Those ones with the netting remind me of hats my great aunties wore when I was a little one.

    So cool!

    1. I have a lot of ladies tell me something similar Ms. Linda. :)


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