Madly in Love

Engineer is a particular sort of fella.
He has many protocols in place for how he structures his morning, how he coifs his hair, how he designs his journeys to be in a circle, etc.  Basically, he lives his life following self-implemented parameters that he has shaped and perfected throughout the years.

Mondrian Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow

If we think of life as a drawing, Engineer lives in a mathmatical M.C. Escher or Piet Mondrian piece whereas I live in anything from a dreamy Renoir to a cheeky Warhol to a chaotic Jackson Pollock, dependent upon the day.

Le chapeau épinglé - Auguste Renoir

It is my precise Engineer who makes our morning coffee.
And yes, there is a system.
No, it does not consist of tumping out a few scoops of Folgers and pressing a button on a Mr. Coffee where it percolates into a glass pot on a hotplate.  If that were the case, I would {also} make the coffee {sometimes} {maybe.}

Oh no.  This ritual consists of canned air, a grinder, a vacuum-sealed canister, happy coffee beans from a specific grower that have been specially ordered, and pressing a button on a coffee maker that gently awakens the beans before streaming the steamed juice into a thermal carafe that is NOT sitting on a hot plate.

Please understand four things:

1.  This is great coffee.
2.  I am grateful that Engineer is willing to make coffee in the morning.
3.  Waking up to freshly brewed coffee is the BEST!
4.  I love Engineer even MORE than coffee.  *Insert fluttering eyelashes here*

All of this to say that when Engineer is traveling for work, I am responsible for making my own coffee.  Gasp!

Because of that, never am I more thankful for the Keurig than when he is gone.  Oh sure, I'll use the Keurig every now and again for an afternoon cuppa and our guests regularly use it (it's in their room) but it really comes into its own when I roll out of bed and can just pop a cup in and press a button.  That's about all the effort I can manage first thing.

Does it compare to Engineer's specified coffee-making routine?  But it does keep me from awaking as a zombie and morphing into a dragon lady.

The worst part though is that I know if I'm using a Keurig in the morning, there is no Engineer around and that is very sad.

1-4-3 EM!  I am so thankful that you make coffee in the mornings; for without it, I would have no friends.  ;)


  1. I can't make coffee mainly because I don't drink coffee, but your husband's coffee making skills sound impressive :)

    1. They are indeed and it does require patience and a skill level that, sadly, neither of which I possess. ;)


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