Fall Hats 2015

Tapestry Pillbox
I'm still trying to catch up with the move and holidays and posts and unpacking boxes...anyone who has moved can surely feel my pain.  Yes I do realize we have lived in this house since mid-October but I feel like there is a solid 1 year grace period...or at least that's what I tell myself.

A few weeks ago I showed you what hats had been worn last summer (sheesh!) so this week, I want to bring you up to date on what hats were worn this fall.  Then we will be back on track and on schedule.  Ahh...what a nice feeling that is...now if only all the boxes were unpacked...

And we're off:

I don't think any new hats were worn only vintage ones including this North African fez and the tapestry pillbox pictured above. 

Sometimes at estate sales, vendors will ask if I want to buy all of the hats as a lot.  I get them at a better price and they have less inventory.  I love those kind of vendors.  This little black number was in such a lot.  I wouldn't have bought it on its own but as part of a lot its okay.

I just love the vivid color of this velvet tam.  I have a dress the same color and they look smashing together.

For some reason, this woolen darling reminds me a bit of Mary Poppins.  I think it's the shape rather than the material or color.  Regardless, it is in beautiful shape and was such a find.

This is part of WIWW.


  1. I love that idea of giving ourselves a 1 year grace period after we've moved. I was thinking more like 2 years, but 1 just might do the trick!

    And you, girl, are an adventurous dresser!

    1. 2 years seems reasonable Ms. Linda. ;) I always have been an adventurous dresser. :)


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