Harry Connick, Jr.

From the first peppy handclap of the first track, "I Like It When You Smile" I was hooked on the new Harry Connick, Jr. album.  But that was no surprise since I have been a HCJ fan from way back.

I was introduced to Harry's album "She" in college by my friend Jason and fell in love...with the music, not Jason.  "She" and his "Blue Light, Red Light" are two of my favorite albums by any artist.  Ever.

Harry is even a part of our Christmas tradition.  We wake up early, start the coffee, and put "When My Heart Finds Christmas" on the stereo while we open gifts.

Since college, I have bought nearly every one of Mr. Connick's albums, even the experimental ones.  The man isn't afraid to take risks - one can look at the album "Star Turtle" and know that.

Some may consider the pop, reggae, disco, blue grass, soul, and even touches of marching band music references in "That Would Be Me" a little risky.  I think it shows he is willing to commit to his creative evolution.

Each song of the new album has its own story to tell and its own distinct flavor, yet it still is a true representation of Harry.  Every track seems to let the listener in on a very personal conversation with Harry. 

He is an incredible songwriter, storyteller, and instrumentalist besides being a top notch crooner.  (Ladies, I dare you to watch the honey that is "Danny Boy" drip from his lips in the film "Memphis Belle" and tell me you are not a fan.)

"That Would Be Me" is another great studio album from Harry Connick Jr.and an instant classic.

If you'd like to connect with Harry or buy his album, here are his links:

 * Official Harry Connick Jr website: https://www.harryconnickjr.com

 I participated in the That Would Be Me album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea he had a new album out!

    1. Check it out Ms. Kimberley! It is really catchy. :)

  2. Oh, I've loved Harry ever since I saw him in Memphis Belle. Definitely looking for this one!

    1. Oh that Memphis Belle! What a fantastic film and HCJ's "Danny Boy" makes me swoon every time!

  3. I have always appreciated his amazing talent and enjoyed what he creates, but for some reason I can't begin to think of: I've never bought one of his albums. And I love his style. I'm going to have to figure this one out...while I looking to fixing this problem! ;)

    1. I simply must insist that you download his albums...all of them...well maybe not "Star Turtle", it's a little experimental for my taste. ;)


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