Madly in Love

Diva with one of the characters from the opera "The Little Prince"

This past weekend we took one of Diva's friends with us to the Houston Theatre District's Open House.  (It was so cool; I highly recommend going next year if you get the chance.)

I had scheduled out all of the performances I wanted us to catch but we got a late start and missed several of them.  What we did make though were some performers from the Houston Grand Opera Studio (basically an incubator for opera singers.) They were fabulous and Diva and her friend were thoroughly impressed.

As we milled around waiting for a performance to start, we began talking to the Opera Guild folks.  Before I knew it, Diva asked me for $15.  I asked why and she said it was to join the Opera Guild.  The volunteer Guild members were thrilled to have such a young new member and regaled her with stories from past operas, what the guild does, and how rewarding it is to be a part of it. .

Diva and one of the performers in the opera "Eugene Onegin"
Lately Diva has become somewhat of an opera fan.

Yes, I realize her mother has performed in operas.
Yes, I know that she has been exposed to opera literally her entire life - even before she was born!
Yes, this has been a long time coming.

Apparently what made opera cool to her was Pandora playing a random aria on one of the stations she created.

But even with her newfound opera appreciation, I still wasn't sure why she had decided to join the Opera Guild.  Then I noticed what had caught Diva's eye in the beginning.  It was a t-shirt.  They were giving new members t-shirts! 

What have we learned from this?  If you want your child to think opera is cool, slip it onto their playlist and entice them with a t-shirt.

1-4-3 DM!  I'm so glad that we can share a love for opera...and t-shirts. 


  1. Oh how cool when that Diva Girl shares her mama's interests / talent / passions!

    It doesn't get better than this, does it!


  2. How fun! Opera has always intrigued me :)

    1. In my opinion, it is the most perfect form of artistic expression - instrumentalists, singers, actors, costumers, set designers, lighting designers, all forms of artistic expression in one beautiful package.


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