Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Madly in Love

We are back in the Lone Star State.

Diva has started her new school and Engineer has been enjoying working from his new office. 
As for me, I am coordinating our lives from Team Moppins' temporary headquarters - a hotel room.

Yes, the three of us and our three dogs have taken up residence in a hotel for the time being as we transition from selling one house in one state and buying another here.

It sounds glamorous living with maid service, a concierge, and a gym down the hallway, but in reality, we are in each others space 24/7 and we are living small.  It is what I imagine life in a camper or tiny house to be like.

Before uprooting ourselves, I was on a loop telling my people that this experience "would be an adventure."  Mostly I needed to hear that on repeat for my own sake - my own sanity.

We could all very easily slip into a state of rage irritation having to gingerly dance around each other to do everyday tasks but instead it has been quite pleasant.  Maybe even...dare I say 

I teased some friends saying this experience could go one of two ways at its end:  either we will not want to be near each other for a good long while or we will genuinely enjoy each other's company and grow closer as a family.

It's still early days but so far, we have really enjoyed living simply and we are making it work...cheerfully.

What more can I ask of my peeps?

1-4-3 EM & DM for embracing a spirit of adventure. 

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  1. Oh I feel for you, my friend! May writing be a solace, a sanity-keeper, a delightful diversion ...


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