Madly in Love

See that kid up there?  Yeah, that's my >gulp!< high schooler!

Engineer and I figured out that this time four years from now, we will be moving Diva into her dorm room.  Her dorm room!

Yesterday we went to get her contacts so that her new school chums would not witness her bright purple glasses constantly sliding down her nose.  

It was her Daddy's idea.
And it was a good idea...but I don't like it.

Now she looks like a young lady. 
Not five minutes ago she was my little girl.

My tiny girl who, once realizing that random people would give you things, told everyone on our vacation in Bulgaria that it was nearly her birthday. 

My wee lass who had the most beautiful English accent when we moved stateside and who has subsequently replaced it with an East Texan one.

My precious miracle whose birth was the most impactful moment of Engineer's life.

Where did my little girl go? 
She's right up there.
Looking at me through contact lenses....while I am looking at her through tears.

1-4-3 DM!


  1. i love how you love your daughter, friend ...

    1. She is the most precious thing in our care Ms. Linda. :)

  2. Wow. I would say she has aged at least a couple of years since New Years! I would like to say its my contacts that make me look older too, but alas, I'm sure its all the gray on my head and beard! :) But what a beautiful young lady you have. I know you are proud of her, but I also know it helps when others tell you the same: you raised a great kid. It's weird to me that we are about the same age yet my oldest is about to start kindergarten this year which is what I'm getting all choked up about at the moment! lol! Tell that engineering not to forget all of us way up here after the big move!

    1. Thanks so much for all of your kind words Jay! :)


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