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Growing up in East Texas our basic TV stations came from two locations:  KLTV channel 3 out of Longview, TX, and channels 6 (KTAL), 12 (KSLA), 24 (KLTS) and 33 (KMSS) out of Shreveport, LA.  As you can see, most of those came from across the border which meant the commercials were heavily influenced by their locales.

I can remember as a child watching with equal amounts of amusement and disgust the commercial for Johnny's heart shaped crawfish pizza - a Valentine's special.  That was my first impression of Johnny's Pizza House.

Before moving to Louz-yana I had no actual experience with Johnny's but had been regaled with tales of its awesomeness from all of our native friends.  When I say all, I mean every. single. stinkin'. one of them.

I don't know if there is something in the water or some sort of propaganda in schools that indoctrinates the youth of this swampy state, but seriously, all of the locals love it.  Not only do they love it, but they hold it in a sort of nostalgic high-esteem, like it's part of their family history...which it very well may be.

One thing you have to know about me is that although I'll eat most food, I do have a line where the quality or taste is such that I just cannot stomach it.  But with pizza, there is no line.  I love pizza in all forms so much that my tolerance threshold is non-existent.  I will eat your brick oven baked artisan crusted fig, locally sourced goat cheese, and arugula pizza or your frozen Totino's Party Pizza and although I may enjoy one more than the other, I will not complain about either.

Pizza is my kryptonite.

So it is no surprise that while we were in the process of moving across the state line, our weekend routine would be to load up a van and a car full of our stuff, drive to our new house, unload the stuff and order Johnny's pizza.  We did that religiously for about 6 weeks.

What we learned about Johnny's in all of our indulgence research:

  • Slices - Their pizza is cut in strips not wedges which is actually quite brilliant.  The consumer can choose a smaller or a larger strip according to their hunger needs.
  • Toppings - They have some interesting toppings and whatever you choose on your pizza, Johnny's will pile on an ample amount.  (FYI, there is a loud cry of rejoicing throughout the land when it's time for the "Sweep the Swamp" pizza which features crawfish and shrimp.)
  • Price - Johnny's is definitely more expensive than it's larger chain competitors but it is tasty and there are coupons available.
  • Delivery Drivers - We have had the friendliest delivery drivers from Johnny's.
  • Crustless - I am one of those people.  The people who leave evidence of how many pieces of pizza they ate on their plate.  I don't eat the crusts so it is fortuitous that Johnny's toppings go all the way to the edge so there is no crusty leftovers.  Love that!
  • Cult Following - Seriously, Louisianians are die-hard Johnny's fans.  For example, one of my dear sweet friends even admits that Johnny's is not the best pizza in the world, yet it is still her favorite.  
I cannot say that Johnny's is my favorite pizza in the world, nor can I say that I have a personal attachment to it, but what I can say is that it is really good pizza and here in NW Louz-yana, it has the competition beat.

If you'd like to try Johnny's for yourself, there are locations all over Louisiana and they have even branched out into Texas.

Check them out at


  1. I love "Sweep the Swamp"!

  2. Oh yum!

    Think they'll move up here to New England?


    1. I doubt it Ms. Linda seeing as they are proudly Cajun. I think it was a stretch for them to open a couple of stores in Texas. :)

  3. Replies
    1. It is yummy especially the Sweep the Kitchen. :)


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