Madly in Love

Nice dachshund socks Diva.

Diva has a very personal sense of style.  I would say it would fall under the "unique" category.

She likes what she likes...and what she likes is to walk out of the house looking eerily similar to Punky Brewster most of the time.  Now I know what my Momma must feel have felt like.

So when Engineer took her school shoe shopping, I received a series of texts consisting of photos of distinctly decorated shoes.  I was pretty sure Wonder Woman high tops were not going to comply with the school's uniform code.  And to my dismay, both Engineer and Diva were pleading the case for the undoubtedly cool yet completely inappropriate footwear. 

After a long text dialogue and even a phone call or two, Diva decided to "settle" for purple Converse high tops.

1-4-3 EM & DM!  Thank you EM for taking Diva shoe shopping and thank you DM for having such interesting shoes that can never be filled.


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