Madly in Love

My hero...he's really been working on those pecs and quads

In an effort to keep things a little weird around here...okay, who are we kidding, it takes absolutely no effort - weird is our normal state of being.

Maybe I should have said, "in an effort to keep the status quo"...moving on...

I try to provide our little family opportunities for experiences and sometimes whoever is around us at the moment gets swept up in these experiences as well.

Case in point, one of the libraries in Shreveport held a book signing and meet the local author/illustrator day focusing on comic book, fantasy, and adventure type stories. 

I thought it wold be something different to do so we packed up a couple of Diva's friends and crossed the river expressly to attend the event.

I had no idea there were so many local published authors in this particular genre.  Diva and her friends had the chance to talk to the authors and ask them questions.  It was wonderful for the library to host such a function even if it was poorly attended. 

So what if it was a little odd to see folks with pink fox tails pinned to their clothing and others in full steampunk regalia? 
So what if we were the majority of the handful of attendees?
So what if one of the authors was perhaps a mite too serious about their zombie book/actual taxidermy project?

We had an experience meeting interesting people and had a great time spending the morning hanging out together.

1-4-3 EM & DM for being up for anything and going with the flow.


  1. Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre anything always brings out the most interesting people. And I like interesting people! Unfortunately, it also brings out the people that's connection to reality is more of a spider's thread than a good rope or chain. lol


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