Madly in Love

Last week I told you about Engineer's reaction to me buying The Love Dare.

I thought Diva's reaction to the tome was also noteworthy.
Who knew that a book that I wanted to read would spark so many conversations from my peeps?

After being in the bookstore for what seemed like days* we finally pried Diva away from the shelves and herded her towards the check-out counter.

She saw that I was buying The Love Dare and asked, "Why are you buying that?  I mean, y'all have a great marriage."

Before I could answer her, Engineer piped up, "That's because we do read books and make an effort."

What else could I say?  My thoughts exactly.

1-4-3 EM & DM for recognizing that our marital efforts pay rich dividends.

*Generally I like bookstores, this particular one just is not my favorite.


  1. I love your final words about how our marital efforts pay rich dividends, my friend!

    The efforts are ongoing, sometimes difficult and challenging. But when all is said and done, there are no regrets. 'Cause we've forgiven each other and moved ahead toward loving well.

    Thanks for the update! I hope your week is relaxing ...

    1. I truly believe that a loving marriage leaves a lasting legacy and we try to do what we can to pass on that legacy to Diva. :)

  2. That's so sweet! I have the love dare but haven't finished I think I'm going to go back and give it another go :)

    1. Thanks. :) Oh I hope you do and then write about it and let us know how it went.

  3. I still have the book and I've gone through it twice. It really does make you appreciate everything so much more and you learn so much about yourself.

    1. It has been a neat time of self-discovery Ms. Christina. :)


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