Madly in Love

Friday morning I received a call from Diva's friend's mom. 
She phoned with good news.  Her daughter had moved up the waiting list and was not only able to go to summer camp this year but was to be in Diva's cabin as well!

The news came just a couple of days before camp started and we had lost hope that she would go from being number 16 on the list initially, to actually getting in the requested cabin.  (I'm sure there is a life lesson about perseverance and not giving up hope in there.)

I handed the phone to Diva so she could get the news first hand from her friend.  As expected, the gleeful squealing was accompanied by flapping hands, loud and fast talking, and bouncing up and down.  In other words, she was excited.

I heard Diva's friend's Mom ask if there were any words of advice Diva could give.  Without hesitating Diva said to experience everything.  She continued by advising not to think about bugs, or dirt, or heights or the things that you "don't like" because you would rob yourself of potential joy.

Sometimes, Diva blows my mind with her wisdom, positivity, and observation.  Especially since that is the same child that can't find her shoes most of the time.

1-4-3 DM!  Your enthusiasm and positivity are infectious but I'm glad your lack of shoe sleuthing skills are not.  ;)  


  1. Don't you just love when our kids are wise and smart and discerning! And run circles around us in the process?


    1. She runs circles around me every day Ms. Linda. ;)


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