Perfectly Practical #221 - See History Come Alive in Rome

PM:  I have been to Venice, Italy twice but have never made it to Rome.  My love for Italian food, wine, opera, and culture makes me yearn for an opportunity to take a lengthy tour of the whole country.  
Even though these tips mention Rome, they are great tips for any travelling you may do.
The following is a sponsored guest post and I agree with all of the points made.  

Rome, Italy is one of the top European vacation destinations because of its rich history, culture and its affordability for many who are traveling to the continent for the first time. Planning your trip is important so that you can always get the best deal on travel, accommodations and attractions. Here are some tips for saving money while experiencing the beauty of Rome.

Planning Your Trip in Advance

Even if you have never traveled before, you should already know the important of booking your flight and hotel well in advance of your trip. You can book as far out as one hundred days from your trip to find the best deal. This will likely be your biggest expense, but you can also plan for all of the smaller expenses while you are there. If you want to visit the city's museums and attractions that have an entry fee, consider purchase a ticket for a tour or a multi-museum pass to make sure the attractions you want to see are affordable and available.

Avoid Peak Tourist Seasons

Rome is a great place to visit in the spring and summer months, but if you travel during this time you will be facing higher prices because this is the time when most people come to visit. Since the city is also home to Vatican City, you will find large tourist crowds around Christian holidays as well. If you want more space for yourself and cheaper prices, try visiting the city in winter. It may be a little colder, but with all of the indoor attractions available, you won't have to spend all your time outdoors.

Choose a Boutique Hotel

In some cities, boutique hotels are expensive and exclusive to the elite traveler willing to pay. However, boutique hotels and independent hotels are often much less expensive throughout Europe than the more recognizable name brand chains. Most of these hotels have limited space but often go above and beyond for their guests because they are competing with chain hotels. That gives you the best experience for the lowest cost.

If you need more information about finding accommodations and making travel arrangements while on vacation in Rome, check out Hipmunk's guide to Rome for all the information you need to plan a fantastic leg of a European vacation.