Our Week in Mostly Pictures

I've tried for days to think of something even mildly clever to say about last week, but nothing has come to me.
Not that the week wasn't something to talk about - lots went on.  I just can't seem to express my thoughts very well so I'm going for pictures instead.

Last week:

Thank you ladies for coming to try out the product with me!

  • I hosted a Downy Wrinkle Release House Party.

This is what our house looked like when we bought it.
Engineer and I spent several weekends earlier this year ripping
out all of those bushes and planted rosebushes, bulbs,
and other flowering plants.  Of course, we did all that before
we knew we were moving.

  • Was the first week of our house being on the market and not one soul looked at it.  Living in a perpetually show ready house is both a blessing and a curse.  It is AWESOME to live in a show home; however, it is considerably less awesome to keep it that way when you, three dogs, and two other people live there.

This variety is called Ebb Tide and is the most stunning shade of purple.

  • The aforementioned roses started to get into the swing of things

Can you tell what it is?  Shhhh...don't tell Diva.
I haven't cleaned it up yet but it should be
a fun surprise for our voracious reader.  

  • My friend Holly and I skived off to the bevy of estate sales where we ran into some friends from Marshall who were there after the same item I was.  They had mercy on me though since I was getting it for a birthday present for Diva.  

A face only a mother could love

  • I found out that we have a massive reptile who I have disdainfully labeled "Skinkzilla" living in our flower bed.  It haunts my dreams...and my daily constitutional when I go and smell the roses.

Getting her hair done for the dance

The girls before the dance.

  • Diva had her hair done for her first semi-formal school dance.  She and her school chum Ashley from the neighborhood went together.  While they were at the dance, Ashley's family, Engineer, and I went to eat a local Chinese place and had one of the worst dining experiences any of us had ever had.  Honestly after 2 1/2 hours I didn't want my meal anymore anyway.  

We dirty up good don't we?

    I especially like how the shadow
    created by my duck lips gives the
    appearance of a mustache.
  • Our theme for this month's Supper Club was Canned Redneck Delight.  Every course had something from a can involved.  
Our menu:

Pink Panty Dropper (that was the signature drink, NOT a party game)
Marinated Pineapple Spam Kabobs
Pear Mayonnaise Salad
Venison Meatloaf & Vegetables
Chocolate Dump Cake
Surprisingly, it was edible...mostly....


  1. I LOVE anything with lots of little drawers or cubbies. Anything! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek at that wonderful old card catalogue!

    Weekend joys to you, Pary!

    1. I saw the home tour of Neil Patrick Harris' house and they had an old apothecary cabinet by their front door with little surprises inside for their guests. I thought that was such a neat idea.

  2. You had to move and leave those lovely roses? Sad.

    1. We haven't gone quite yet so I am still hopeful to be able to see all of the roses bloom before we go.


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