Engineer and I went to the opening press event at Natural Grocers in Tyler, TX last Sunday.  It was interesting finding out about the company since we had never heard of them.   If you have one near you, I would very much recommend a visit.

On the way to the event, we dropped off Diva to spend several days of her Spring Break with her grandparents.  They soaked up the time with each other doing grandparent/grandchild things like shopping, getting their nails done, visiting folks in the nursing home, and baking cupcakes.  As usual, when I picked Diva up, no one was ready for her to leave yet.

A dear friend visited Monday morning and we tried the new Tom + Chee restaurant that just opened the weekend before.  We had seen them on Shark Tank and as we were standing in line, the owner came out to talk to us; as it turns out, he is the company creator's cousin.  My friend and I split the grilled cheese donut for which they are famous.  Good gravy it was delicious!  I must insist that from now on, all grilled cheese sandwiches be on donuts.

Ferris wheel at the Kemah Boardwalk
Engineer, Diva, the three dogs, and I visited the Clear Lake area of Houston for a few days.  Caspar and Winnie did pretty well on their first road trip.  Truffles is well seasoned traveler; after all, she flew back with us from England all those years ago and has made many road trips. The highlight for the canine contingent in our entourage was when we found a beautiful dog park close to our hotel.  Caspar was in his element and somehow or another recruited all of the other little dogs into a little gang.  It was so cute.

For the foreseeable future, we will be eating down the pantry and freezer.  Here is our menu:

Sunday - Easter Dinner
Monday - Beef Stir Fry over Rice
Tuesday - Beans, Cabbage, & Cornbread
Wednesday - Ham, Peas, and Mac & Cheese
Thursday - Tuna Steaks & Salad
Friday - Baked Spaghetti & Salad
Saturday - Leftovers

This is part of MPM.


  1. I'm with you on those grilled cheese sandwiches!

    1. Along with my coffee addiction and cookie problem, I may have a grilled cheese issue Ms. Jeannie. ;)

  2. Grilled cheese donuts!! Oh my ...


  3. There's a Tom + Chee by me, so now, I have to go check it out :)


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