Here and There

The view from our table at the fabulous
Opus Bistro in the beautiful
waterfront town of Clear Lake Shores
Like I told a friend, "You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can't keep her away."

Life has taken me on paths I never intentionally started down.

I never intended to be married before I graduated college.
I never intended to have a baby in a foreign country.
I never intended to move back to my hometown.
I never intended to live in Louisiana.
I can now add to this list...
I never intended to only live somewhere for a year.

Last year, we moved from Marshall, TX to Bossier City, LA.
I was resistant at first because I did not want to leave Diva's school, our Little Pink House, our extended family, our friends, in short, our lives.

Since living in Louz-yana, we have eaten some great food, attended our first roller derby, and found out just how sweet it is to Beloved Bayou (our house).
But, we haven't found a church home, become ingrained in the community, or been involved in much of anything.

Kemah Boardwalk
Around four weeks ago I mentioned to Engineer that my mourning period was over - that I was ready to settle in the SBC.  I also mentioned that now that the wounds of leaving Marshall had healed, I was prepared to move anywhere.  I would happily follow him and his career wherever that may take us.

What I didn't know was how soon that statement would be tested.

Three weeks ago Engineer was approached by a Houston firm to interview with its CEO.  Let me be clear, Engineer had not been looking for another job.  He has had wonderful experiences and opportunities at his current company.  But he had worked with a few people at this other firm and they had spoken so highly of him that the CEO's curiosity was piqued.

When Engineer told me about the job, I laughed.  I have always maintained that God has a sense of humor.  He knew the desire of my heart was to be back in Texas but Houston was certainly not what I had in mind.
I don't like big cities.  Houston is the fourth biggest city in the US.
I don't like the sea.  The area we are looking at is 30 minutes from the Gulf Coast. 
I did say that I would cheerfully follow Engineer anywhere in the world...that includes Houston.

Engineer did have a lunch meeting with several of the company's higher-ups and after meeting him the CEO asked, "What will it take to get you down here and on our team?"  Well apparently, what it was going to take was the approval of Diva and myself.

Over Spring Break, we loaded up the dogs and drove down south where the palm trees and pine trees grow side-by-side.  We had a little mini vacation scouting the area and looking at area schools...just in case.

Another Kemah Boardwalk attraction
We met with people from the firm for lunch and toured the facilities.  And while Engineer was hashing out contract details, Diva and I conducted our own interviews in the lobby.  We spoke with all sorts of employees and all of them said how pleased they were with the company.
Every. Single. One.  Wow.

Diva and I had not discussed the possibility of Houston with each other.  It was only after Engineer had accepted the job that we both confessed we had known we would be moving.  As soon as Engineer wanted us to look at the area, we knew.

Interestingly, we all had real peace about moving.
Moving back to Texas.
Moving to southeast Houston.
Moving jobs.
Moving school.

After just living here for a year, we are headed back to Texas to take on yet another adventure.

Anyone living in the Houston area with tips and activities, please do share!

And anyone moving to the Shreveport/Bossier City area, please buy my house!  ;)


  1. Wow, Pary ... you are courageous and brave. And how I love how you love your Engineer Man. Your willingness to launch into this next season inspires me.

    Thanks for inviting us into your journey!

    1. I thank God every day for my Engineer Ms. Linda. :)

  2. Where in southeast Houston? I am from Texas City, which is only a few minutes from Kemah. If you are going to be near League City, I can recommend a great school.

    1. We looked at a school in League City Ms. Athene. :) We are looking at houses in the Houston/Pasadena area.

  3. Life never goes just how we plan it, does it?! Wild ride...

  4. How scary and exciting all at the same time!

    1. It is indeed Ms. Alicia...but mostly exciting. :)

  5. We moved here (BC) a little over a year ago from the Dallas area. Hope you have good luck selling your house. Hope I get to move soon.

    1. Welcome to the SBC! Thanks for the well wishes. We lived in the Dallas area when we were first married and loved it!


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